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Product Name:Steated Leg Curl MT-6018

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Product name: MT-6018 seated leg curl exerciser.
Brand: MT (Mattel).
name: MT-6018 seated leg curl exerciser.

Specification: 1500*800*1550mm.
weight: 158KG.
Raw materials: 50x100 3.0 elliptical tube.


Product Specifications:


 Strengthening the hamstrings alongside the quadriceps is essential to get a balanced posture and synchronized movements. Besides, having strong hamstrings prevents many injuries because they work as a knee joint stabilizer. That’s why all gym owners should seriously consider equipping their gyms with the right hamstring training machines.

One of the simplest and most efficient machines that Ganas has to offer is Seated Leg Curl MT-6018. This machine is one of the safest to use; it has a security lap pad which stabilizes both the thighs, padded levers to place the legs comfortably, and hand handles to facilitate the knee flexion movement while maintaining a correct posture. This seated leg curl machine combines beautiful design and a sturdy framework; the machine is made of 50x100 3.0 elliptical tube, it weighs 158KG, and it measures 1500*800*1550mm. in summary, The leg curl trains the often-neglected hamstrings protecting you from injury, increasing leg strength, and offering greater flexibility and back pain relief. This machine also Works your gluteus muscles. The movement is easy and feels smooth. The price of the leg curl is very affordable.

For all these reasons and more, gym owners should consider getting the Ganas seated leg curler MT-6018.


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