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Product Name:Rotary Torso MT-6022

Product Description:

Product features:

Product name: MT-6022 Rotary trainer.
Brand: MT (Mattel).
name: Rotary trainer.
Specification: 950*1600*1550mm.
weight: 132KG.
Raw materials: 50x100 3.0 square tube.

Product Description:

It's a known fact that the hardest muscles one can train are his abdominal muscles because we tend to accumulate fat in that area and don't exercise that often. Therefore, we at Ganas have designed a machine that can train your abdominal muscles in an effective safe way. We present to you the Rotary Torso MT-6022.

The first thing that can come to your mind while seeing this machine is the fact that it's elegant. It's made of 50*100 3.0 square tubes, these materials are unique for their high quality. That's why the MT-6022 is durable, it does not wear nor rust easily, it's silent, and of course safe to use. The bench on this device is comfortable, wide and adjustable, which makes it perfect for users of different heights. The handles are also very wide which makes them suitable for all users. As for the back pad, it's angled in a way that reduces back stress to a minimum. The MT-6022 has a size of 950*1600*1550mm and a weight of 132 Kg which proves that our machine is robust and resistant. Lastly, the device gives the user complete control over his/her training thanks to the fact that the weights can be chosen from 5 to 100 Kg.

In conclusion, if you're a gym owner looking to equip your gym with a machine that trains your client's whole torso and especially abs, then you shouldn't look further than the Rotary Torso MT-6022 by Ganas. We assure you that you won't find anything similar for this price range.

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