MT Strength Equipment

Product Name:Cable Cross MT-6028

Product Description:


Product name: MT-6028 small bird trainer



Brand: MT (Mattel)

Product features:



name: little bird trainer




Specification: 950*1600*1550mm




weight: 132KG




Raw materials: 50x100 3.0 square tube





Recommended uses:


Back bench, two hand dumbbells, palms, and straighten your arms naturally in the upper chest, arms slightly bent elbow to the side arc down the dumbbell to a record low, chest muscle stretch, chest muscle contractions to restore the arm cast.


Recommended indexes:

Cable cross can train your body effectively.

This machine shows the independence and work more silently,you can adjust the weight stack to train one side separately.It is very durable to make you more comfortable and the price is competitive.Train the body spot like what you want.

is a top fitness equipment brand in China with high quality & best service!

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