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Product Name:Leg Press 45° MT-6030

Product Description:

Product Specifications:




Model: MT-6030 45 degree down pedal exerciser.
Name: 45 degrees down pedal exerciser.
Specifications: 2400*1600*1520mm.
Weight: 220KG.
Raw material: 50x100 3.0 square tube.

Product Description:

So you're looking for the perfect piece of equipment that trains your clients' legs, well then, look no more. The Leg Press 45° MT-6030 by Ganas has everything you can wish for.

The Leg Press 45° MT-6030 is a very chic machine. It's made of 50*100 3.0 square tubes, these raw materials make the machine sturdy, safe to use and silent. The MT-6030 has a size of 2400*1600*1520mm and a weight of 220 Kg, this means that the device is quite resistant and won't wear easily. The seat is very wide, which means it can be adjusted to fit different users, the back pad is angled in a way that reduces back stress, as for the handles they are placed conveniently to ensure the best training.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a leg press that is safe, efficient, durable, silent, safe and enjoyable, then you're in luck. The Leg Press 45° MT-6030 by Ganas has all those elements combined and at an affordable price. We guarantee nothing but your satisfaction.

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