Commercial Exercise Bike

Product Name:Recumbent exercise bike KY-8606 Ka Na home exercise bike

Product Description:

Product name: KY-8606 exercise bike
Brand name: GANAS (jianasi)
Product features:
1. Use blue backlighting electronic meter.
2. automatic program consists of 12 + 4 set mode, display speed, RPM, time, distance, Watts, calories, heart rate. Table there are watt control programs, heart rate, recovery program.
3. system for spontaneous magnetic control system.
4. uses strong magnetic flywheel magnet adsorption of precise resistance adjustment system
5. paragraphs 16 to adjust the resistance pattern
6. vehicle with a hand held heart rate and heart rate recovery function
Recommended uses:
Exercise bike is a good aerobic fitness equipment
It can exercise your heart and lung function
Increase your lung capacity
You can also total body exercise
Exercise makes the sport better.
Recommended indexes:
 Hi-Tech PCB Design
  •  7” Blue backlight LCD
  • Easy read LED instruction bar
  • Fl circular information panel
New seat adjust latch system with comfort HR handle bar

New comfo seat
super silence system, smooth sport process, without any interference noise. Offering a very pleasant sporting atmosphere.
Luxury Pedal Board.Antiskid,Wearresistant,Comfortable

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