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Using a leg press machine is a great way to target your quads, glutes, hamstrings, and calves with less risk of injury than traditional squats. Build the mass and strength in your legs that you desire safely and effectively with a leg press machine when your partner can’t be there to spot you, or if joint stability is a concern.

The steps to correctly use the Leg Press 45° Machine are as follows

1. Adjust the seat and backrest

Make sure the angle of the seat and backrest fits your body proportions so that you can maintain good posture while performing the movements.

2. Preparation posture

Sit on the machine with your back against the cushion, your feet on the pedals, and the position of your feet adjusted according to your training goals.

3. Perform actions

Take a deep breath and use the strength of your legs to push the weight out until your legs are almost straight. Be careful to maintain control of your movements and avoid locking your knees.

4. Breathing synchronization

Breathe out as you push the weight up, and inhale as you lower the weight back down.

5. Frequency and number of groups

Set the appropriate number of sets and reps according to your training level and physical fitness. Beginners can start with a small number of sets and repetitions and gradually increase the difficulty.


◆  3 layers strong metal coating 

◆  60*120*3mm oval steel tube

◆  XL high quality cushion, easy clean

◆  Adjustable backrest at 3 angles;

◆  Variable density backrest upholstery with progressive adjustment;

◆  Linear sliding system with constant load on low friction wheels;

◆  Large independent resistance platforms measuring 40x60 cm, each for one- or two-sided execution of the exercise;

◆  The device of mutual blocking of both footrests;

◆  Platforms with anti-slip coating;

Product Parameters

Product Name

Leg Press 45° Machine

Traning spot



255 x 185 x 165 cm



Weight Stack



Universal, Fitness Center, Commercial gym


CE TUV BV ISO 9001    

Product Display

With the incline leg press machine, you sit in a low, reclined seat with your feet pressed up against a raised platform. You can add weight plates to the platform to adjust the resistance and make it more difficult to push the platform up and away from you. In an incline leg press, you push against gravity, which mimics functional, machine-free movements you use in the real world

A major pro of the incline leg press is that it allows you to add lots of weight, making it a great tool for more advanced exercisers, says Khalfe. 

Ganas Gym machines are the result of the excellent work of Italian design engineers, which became famous for their world-class ergonomics, special solutions, unique design and very wide range and became one of the most popular brands.

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