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Product Name:Elliptical machine KY-3100 weight loss elliptical

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Product Features:

It's a known fact that elliptical trainers provide the perfect training to the heart muscles, and body muscles overall and using them is a good way to lose weight. And here you are looking for an elliptical trainer to add into your gym, well then, look no more.
We present to you the KY 3100 elliptical trainer by Ganas, one of the best exercise bikes out there. Ganas are famous for their well made sturdy models, and this surely applies to the KY 3100, with its elegant blue electronic meter displaying all the information necessary such as speed, RPM, time, distance, watts, calories, and heart rate. This monitor ensures complete supervision and control of our users over the machine.
The KY 3100 presents an automatic program that consists of 12 + 4 set modes, and of course, let's not forget what we are most proud of: the spontaneous magnetic control system. This system uses a strong flywheel magnet for absorption and for a precise resistance adjustment system. Unlike the strap control system, this system offers a much quieter bike, which must be convenient in a loud gym. Of course, this system makes the bike more expensive, but do not worry, because KY 3100 is one of the cheapest yet the best models in the industry. Did we also mention that you can adjust the resistance pattern to any of the 16 available levels! 
The elliptical trainer is a piece of obligatory equipment within the gym as it handles all cardio exercises, increases the lungs capacities and ensures a good overall body exercise. So, what are you waiting for? Order your KY 3100 by Ganas right now.aphs 16 to adjust the resistance pattern.


Elliptical machine recommended use:

  • Elliptical machine is a very good aerobic fitness equipment
  • It can exercise your heart and lung function
  • Increase your lung capacity
  • You can also total body exercise
  • Exercise makes the sport better.


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