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Product Name:KY-8605 Elliptical Bike

Product Description:

Product Features:

Product name: KY-8605 Elliptical Bike

Brand name: GANAS (jianasi)
Display: LCD
Size: 2110*610*1960mm
Gross weight: 87.5KGS
Power adjustment: 8
Maximum load: 180KGS

The elliptical bike is an essential element for training whether you're in a gym or at the comfort of your home. That's why, we at Ganas, have designed the best elliptical bike you can find, the KY-8605.

This bike has got it all; it's quite elegant, safe, and affordable. The first thing you can notice while observing this fine piece of equipment is the fact that it's chic. It has a modern design and a paint job that doesn't wear or rust easily. Plus it runs on a motor system that responds to all safety and electric standards worldwide. This bike is also quiet, so don't worry about making noise while training at home. The KY-8605 comes with an LCD monitor that displays lots of parameters while training such as speed, distance... This machine has a convenient size of 2110*610*1960mm and a weight of 87.5 Kgs, which means that it can be moved in an easy manner around the house. Our bike comes with 8 different power adjustment levels so that it can be used by high-level athletes and regular people. Not to mention the fact that the KY-8605 can hold a maximum weight of 180 Kgs, so don't worry about using this machine if you have a few extra pounds.

In conclusion, if you want an elliptical bike to train your whole body in a safe, efficient way, then look no further then the KY-8605 made by Ganas, we assure that you won't find anything like this for this price on the market.

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