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Spinning Bike

Product Name:KY-2002 commercial spinning bike (black and blue)

Product Description:

Product Features:

Spinning workout is one of the most popular workouts, due to its safety and efficiency. There are hundreds of spin bikes out there, all promising the same results and offering the same qualities. The question is: what makes our new KY-2002 spin bike any different from these other models? Well, the answer is simple: just look at it.

This bike translates into 2 words: elegance and effectiveness. This bike runs on a 23 Kg huge flywheel and has a net weight of around 68 Kg, these specifications guarantee that it holds its stand and can take high levels of power and energy, so this machine is well suited for the professional athletes out there.

The main frame of this beautifully designed bike is stainless steel alloy to make sure that it keeps its good looks on the long run. The KY-2002 has a modest size of 1030*580*1140mm which means it can fit pretty much anywhere.

Not to mention that the brake system within this bike is ABS (Anti-lock braking system), this ensures our users' maximum protection.

So if you're a gym owner who's looking to meet his higher level professional clients needs, that we assure you that you won't find anything better than our KY-2002, a beautiful, powerful machine, especially for this price tag.

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