Commercial Exercise Bike

Product Name:Luxury on a stationary bike

Product Description:

 Product name: KY7605A luxury on a stationary bike

Brand: GANAS (Gardner)
Product features:
Resistance to adjust: 8 period of fine-tuning, resistance to adjust
Function display: time/heat/heart/mileage
According to goals: calories/time/exercise
Application shows that: fat burning/countdown
Heavy type solid and durable, high-end rear ellipse trajectory design
Balance adjustment, convenient mobile wheel, water cup
Streamline model design, high-grade antiskid pedal, forefoot pulley design
Taken the program display: time, speed, mileage, heart rate, consumption, body fat percentage and according to age, gender, height, body weight measure body fat percentage, and other functions let you clearly understand their movement status
End users maximum load weight: 150 kg
Recommended use:
Exercise taken back, waist, arms, shoulders, hips and legs, etc. Main body muscle.
Taken exercise cardiopulmonary function, the leg muscles and body coordination, achieve slimming effect and exercise arms and association ability, improve the effect of the muscle at the mercy of the central nervous system, increasing foreign exhibition muscle groups, such as spin within the muscle group exercise function.
Recommend index: ★★★★★

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