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As gym owners, athletes, and even average people who want to train from time to time, a single question always pops to our mind: how can we increase our body strength, in a global way, using one piece of equipment?

Here at Ganas, we found the answer: we introduce to you the power wheel, an elegant modern tool made by Taiwanese manufacturer Joinfit. This genius masterpiece is composed of two Eva round wheels that measure each 28cm in diameter, joined together through a 54cm luxurious black pipe, covered in foam in its handle parts to ensure our user's complete ease and comfort.

These dimensions are studied in a thorough way in order to make sure that the power wheel is completely safe to use and is efficient in the best way possible.

If you thought that this is all, then you are mistaken, the power wheel also comes with two perfectly adjusted foot straps, so it truly guarantees dual-core training, as it strengthens the core of the upper and lower limbs and thus ensures explosive power and compelling stability.

So if you're looking for the perfect training to your whole body, then get yourself a power wheel right now, its black elegant appearance pleases the eye, and as the name suggests, its power is nothing short of spectacular.

is a top fitness equipment brand in China with high quality & best service!

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