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Product Name:Jump rope

Product Description:

 Material: PU leather


The product description

Made of pure cattle hide, line 7, 2 meters long belt bearing wear off, are free to adjust the length
Adjust the way
Open the handle back cover, cut to you feel is suitable for the length of the rope.
Plastic handle with foam cover design, use comfortable
Handle the bearing rotation, the rope will not winding, sports
Rope skipping tip
Should wear texture is soft, light weight shoes, avoid an ankle injury.
The rope hard and soft, moderate degree. Beginners often appropriate USES hard line, can change soft rope after skilled.
Choose soft hard moderate lawn, wooden floor and mud of the site is good, don't skip rope on concrete ground, so as not to damage the joints, brain concussion.
Jump rope must relax the muscles and joints, toe and heel

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