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Ganas Gym Equipment,G-605 Adductor targets the adductor muscles while providing privacy by positioning the exerciser toward the weight stack tower. The foam protection pad provides good protection and cushioning. A comfortable exercise process makes it easier for the exerciser to focus on the force of the adductor muscles.


◆  good for health,Steaming for 30 minutes is equivalent to running 30 kilometers long-distance, comfortable and more energetic

◆  helps with sleep,Accelerate blood circulation to relax the muscles of all parts of the body and improve the quality of sleep,Dispelling cold and dampness, in high temperature environment, the capillaries of the whole body can be expanded, which has a certain health care effect

◆  Beautify and lose weight, promote cell metabolism, and consume excess subcutaneous fat

◆  Relieve fatigue, the sauna room can accelerate blood circulation, relax muscles, relieve fatigue and refresh your mind.

◆  Comfortable backrest, high penetration deep care.

◆  Guidance installation

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Sauna Room

Traning spot

Body Relax








Universal, Fitness Center, Commercial gym


CE TUV BV ISO 9001    

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Fat Burning

Obese people do sweat steaming for 20-60 minutes, consume about 600 calories, and emit a lot of sweat, which is equivalent to the energy required for jogging 10 kilometers, and this 1 kg of sweat includes various excrements in the body , which has a large amount of excess subcutaneous fat, often doing sweat steaming can effectively achieve the purpose of weight loss.


Various toxins accumulated in the human body, such as heavy metal ions lead, cadmium, mercury, aluminum, etc., alcohol and nicotine destroy the inherent dynamic balance of the human body and become hidden dangers of various diseases. Sweat steaming can effectively adjust the balance of the body through the activation of human cells, and promote the excretion of harmful substances from the body through sweat, but it will not excrete the nutrients necessary for the human body, which is very helpful for balancing the metabolism in the body.

Beautify the skin

With the growth of age, the blood supply of the skin begins to decline, the microcirculation is not smooth, and the insufficient supply of nutrients to the cells leads to skin relaxation, decreased elasticity, and the formation of dark spots, brown spots and wrinkles. Sweat steaming can dredge skin capillaries, improve skin microcirculation, enhance the supply of nutrients, nourish cells, improve skin permeability and self-cleaning ability, keep skin healthy and delay aging.

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