MT-70 America Series

Product Name: Olympic Bench Incline

Product Description:

Product Specifications:

Name: Olympic Bench Incline.
Model: MT-7006.
Size (length * width * height): 160cm * 135cm * 206cm.
Weight (KG): 215.

product description:

Over time Ganas has gained in-depth knowledge about physical training requirements, it has now reached a level where it provides the best quality range of strengthening machines. Everything displayed in Ganas’ website combines immaculate design finish, optimal strength, robust construction as well as simple operation techniques. Ganas offers only premium quality products to its clients.

For example, Ganas offers among its MT-70 America Series the Olympic Bench Incline. Compared to the classic incline chest press, this machine is able to accommodate a lot of weight. It is used to focus on isolating and growing muscles. The Olympic bench incline targets the upper chest area, the frontal deltoids, and the back side of the arms (triceps). This machine is comfortable and easy to use because of its ergonomic seating and adjustable chair. The MT-7006 has the a convenient size of (length * width * height): 160cm * 135cm * 206cm and it weighs (KG): 215. This machine functions discretely and is built to last. In conclusion, the Olympic bench incline is extremely advanced and well designed and is a must-have in every luxurious gym.

Ganas’ only aim is to use its’ expertise to provide the best for fitness enthusiasts. And the Olympic Bench incline would definitely please and satisfy all buyers. 

is a top fitness equipment brand in China with high quality & best service!

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