MT-70 America Series

Product Name:Adjustable Crossover MT-7032

Product Description:

Product Specifications:

Name: Adjustable Crossover.
Model: MT-7032.
Size (length * width * height): 231cm * 109cm * 450cm.
Weight (KG): 396.

product description:

Nowadays, unlike before, the best strengthening machine is the one that offers the widest possible range of exercises and that is easiest to use. Ganas’ new Adjustable Crossover MT-7032 is an excellent example for that.

The new adjustable cable crossover machine offers a full body workout simply by adjusting the pulleys. It is equipped with Swivel pulleys that have a 180 degrees range of movement allowing training all group muscles from different angles. It enables users to work their bodies from one side or both sides depending on their preferences. In addition, this particular machine has extra features that make it stand out; the “ballet” handles that ensure stability and security during thigh workouts, The ballet handles also have adjustable position depending on the clients’ preferences. Another feature is the pull-up handle that allows clients to perform the old fashioned pull-ups. The cable crossover machine is big and sturdy; it weighs 396kgs, and measures  231cm * 109cm * 450cm. Although it is a considerably big machine, it doesn’t take too much space.

This machine is undeniably the most versatile and easy to use piece of equipment. Getting it is a definite win, your satisfaction, and your clients’ are guaranteed.

is a top fitness equipment brand in China with high quality & best service!

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