MT-70 America Series

Product Name:Camber Curl MT-7023

Product Description:

product Specifications:

Name: Camber Curl.
Model: MT-7023.
Dimensions (L * W * H): 119cm × 89cm × 135cm.
Weight (KG): 168.

product description:

Gym goers often try the best to enhance their muscle volume, without increasing their actual core strength and balance. This problem can be mostly noticed for those who train their biceps. We at Ganas are aware of this fact, that's why we developed the new Camber Curl MT-7023: A machine that has got it all.

The first thing a person can observe while looking at this device is its sophisticated design. The MT-7023 is made of high-quality, robust steel, which is painted in non-rustable black. The bench is wide and adjustable, which is convenient for users of different heights and weights. It's angled in a way that reduces back stress to the minimum. The elbow pad is wide and comfortable as well. As for the handles, they can be rotated, and the user can choose from one of 2 different positions, which gives him control over his training. Most notably, the machine is of perfect dimensions, with a size of 1190*890*1350mm and a weight of 168 Kg, this means that it's very robust and sturdy. Not to mention the fact that our device respects all worldwide safety standards and has gone through multiple tests.

So if you're looking to equip your gym with the best biceps machine on the market for an affordable price then look no more! The Camber Curl MT-7023 by Ganas is exactly what you're looking for.


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