MT-70 America Series

Product Name:Supine chest press MT-7033

Product Description:

Product Specifications:

Name: supine Chest Press | Olympic Bench
Model: MT-7033
Dimensions (L * W * H): 173cm × 178cm × 122cm
Weight (KG): 82

Product Features:

If there is one thing we can relate to, it's the back soreness and pain we feel after doing some press exercises. This not so good feeling always occurs even if you stretch, warm up and train correctly, all due to the bench you're using. That's why you need to replace whatever bench you have with the MT-7033 Olympic bench made by Ganas.

The MT-7033 also known as the supine chest press is ergonomically designed in a way that suits most of the users. The bench height is studied and designed in a manner that is accessible to all users. The bench is also stable, which helps to minimize lower back arch, and relieves back stress. The engineers at Ganas made sure that the geometry of the bench accommodates unencumbered lifts; this reduces external shoulder rotation while picking the bar. These are not the only qualities our supine bench has; it's also durable as it's protected with high impact segmented wear guards. The MT-7033 dimensions are modest, its size is 185*165*130cm, as for its weight it's 85Kg. This makes our bench perfect for placing within a professional gym or even at home.

So whether you're a gym owner or an athlete looking for the best press bench on the market, then we assure you that you reached your goal here, look no further than the supine chest press by Ganas.



73 inches / 185 cm


65 inches / 165 cm

Equipment Weight

188.3 lb. / 85.4 kg


51.2 inches / 130 cm

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