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Product Name:oblique chest training device KY-9103

Product Description:

Product Features:

The hummer strength series devices presented by Ganas consist of various high-quality machines. One of those machines being the oblique chest training device KY-9103. It is the ideal device for training your shoulders and arms, mainly the triceps and the deltoids.

The first thing that can think after seeing this beautiful piece of equipment is the fact that it's outstanding! It's painted in eye-catching black and yellow colours, which never rust if the device is dealt with properly. The bench is covered in PU leather which makes it very comfortable, it's adjustable as well, this means it's perfect for users of different sizes. The back pad is angled in the most proper way to reduce back stress. As for the handles they are suited to all users and are very comfortable, don't worry about sweaty hands while working on this machine.

The oblique chest training device KY-9103 runs on a highly advanced system, which makes it completely silent, that is a huge plus in a gym because it keeps the user focused mainly on the training itself. Our device is of optimal weight as it weighs 165 Kg, its size is ideal as well, it's 11450*1182*1715mm, it means that our machine is sturdy, firm and can be easily noticed. Not to mention that this device can hold up a maximum weight of 200 Kg, it's also safe to use as it responds to worldwide specifications and has gone through several tests.

So if you're a proud gym owner and you want to provide the best quality for your clients' triceps and biceps, we guarantee that you won't find anything like the oblique chest training device KY-9103 made by Ganas, especially for this price.

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