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Product Name:KY-9105 high training device

Product Description:

Product Features:

The low pull trainer is the perfect machine that combines building muscle mass and increasing the core strength. That's possible thanks to the possibility of manipulating pull movments across different dimensions. The best way to get the most out of this exercise in a safe affordable way is to use the low pull trainer KY-9106 made by Ganas.

The first thing that can come to your mind when looking at this machine, is that it's pretty elegant. With its golden and black well-done paint and its steel body, not to mention the leather chair which is quite comfortable and angled in a way that decreases back stress. The device comes with two different types of handles, which provide exercise variety and make it possible to train different muscles such as the upper back and arm muscles.  The machine's arms are also adjustable which ensures that the device can be used by multiple users of different heights. The low pull trainer by Ganas isn't just about effectiveness, it's also about durability. It was specifically designed for a professional gym, with its size of 1110*1740*1990mm and its weight of 152 Kg. It can take an enormous maximum load of 200 Kg. So you can see that this machine is sturdy and quite powerful.

In conclusion, if you're looking for the best low pull trainer out there that offers variable exercises for all your clients safely and for a reasonable price, then you need to end your search right now because you found what you're looking for: The low pull trainer KY-9106 by Ganas.

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