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Product Name:Sitting type shoulder training device KY-9104

Product Description:

Product Features:

Do you have an overcrowded gym where everyone wants to train their upper body limbs? You must be proud and satisfied if that's the case, yet you want to provide better equipment for your clients. Then you're in luck because the Shoulder training device by Ganas is the best machine to train your shoulders, triceps and lower neck muscles. 

The chair used on this machine is covered in PU leather and it's angled in a way that eliminates back stress.

The machine is made of hard steel and steel tubes, these materials make the machine sturdy and comfortable. The KY-9104 is the perfect shoulder trainer, you can use it to train your deltoids, triceps, and trapezius. The shoulder training device is designed for a professional gym, that's why its size is only 1190*1380*1300mm and its weight is 167Kg. This machine can be compared to a beast when it comes to durability and power, as it can take a maximum load of 200 Kg. Another key element that needs to be taken into consideration while manufacturing the perfect machine is safety, and this device meets all safety standards like any other Ganas product.

So if you're a proud gym owner and you want to provide the best quality for your clients, we guarantee that you won't find anything like the Shoulder training device KY-9104 made by Ganas, especially for this price.

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