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Product Name:Sitting chest pushing device KY-9101

Product Description:

Product Features:

If you have been looking for the perfect device that can train your clients' arms, chest, and neck and upper back muscles, then we have the perfect machine for you. We present to you the sitting chest pushing device KY-9101 made by Ganas. The first thing that you can notice while looking at this device is that it's elegant. And it seems really sturdy, which is correct.


The chair is covered in PU leather, which is comfortable and practical inside gyms, this chair is also positioned in a way that reduces back stress and ensures the best exercise possible. The handles are large and comfortable, which provides easy training and full control for the user. The Sitting chest pushing device by Ganas is a beast in the true sense of the word as it can hold a maximum load of a whopping 480 Kg! Not to mention the machine's dimensions of 1780*2060*1525mm and weight of 264 Kg, this means that it truly is sturdy and holds its ground.

So the answer to your clients' demands is here, whether they would like to train their biceps, triceps, shoulders, or trapezius, then get your sitting chest pushing device by Ganas immediately, we guarantee nothing but your satisfaction.

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