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Product Name:GANAS KY-7610 professional spin bike for sale

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Product Features:

So, you've spent countless hours looking for a spinning bike that meets your demands, but with no luck. Well, my friend, look no more. The answer to all your questions is here: the professional KY-7610 spin bike made by Ganas. Its elegant look makes it one of a kind; it truly is a custom-made masterpiece.

The KY-7610 is a commercial air bike; its resistance depends on air alone. This is the key feature in this model because it leaves complete control to the user. This bike is known for its simplicity. While making it, we wanted to keep the traditional concept of air bikes but in the most elegant way possible. 

The KY-7610 air bike is a low-impact alternative to running that can keep you out of the cold weather and provide you with an effective workout no matter your level of experience.

But don't be misled, its elegance and its simplicity don't influence its capacities, the KY-7610 can take a maximum user weight of up to 180 Kg. So, whether you're starting out in the working out world, you're a professional athlete or a gym owner, the KY-7610 is the machine that answers all your answers thanks to its complete reliance on the user's strength and level. We guarantee that once you get it, you won't be able to let it go, it truly is a unique air bike.

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