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GANAS build the best-performing strength equipment worldwide. Just like any athlete or coach, we are determined to keep learning and growing stronger in order to improve. We are mindful of the incredible power that dwells within the human body and mind and are eager to know what it can accomplish. GANAS Strength Equipment is made by and for those who are dedicated to shaping greatness.

How To Do A Leg Curling Machine?

Step 1: Sit in the leg curl machine with feet hip width apart, abs drawn in and braced and toes pulled toward the nose. Ensure setup positions knee close to hinge on the machine and pad resting on lower calf/achilles.

Step 2: Position head in line with the back and lock shoulder blades back and down. Drive the heels down toward the glutes as far as possible without arching the lower back.

Step 3: Reverse the pattern and lower the weight back to the starting position. Maintain posture throughout.

Step 4: Repeat for the desired number of repetitions. Avoid overarching the lower back, pointing or turning the toes out or jutting the chin forward.


◆  3 layers strong metal coating 

◆  60*120*3mm oval steel tube

◆  XL high quality cushion, easy clean

◆  Multiple handgrips accommodate various user profiles and preferences.

◆  adjustable thrust roller

◆  counterweight to reset the empty weight of the exercise lever

◆  Iphysiological load curve with lever system

Product Parameters

Product Name

Leg Curling Machine

Traning spot






Weight Stack

Free Weight


Universal, Fitness Center, Commercial gym


CE TUV BV ISO 9001    

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GANAS has one of the largest and most unique product lines in the industry that enable our clients to create the perfect combination of strength equipment. Predominantly welded frames, heavier gauges of steel, and higher resistance levels are still the building blocks for every GANAS product. Even so, numerous fitness-inspired features and modifications have substantially changed the firm's product line in recent years.

Selectorized strength equipment are units that have one or more weight stacks, which are rectangular weight plates that are attached to the frame and utilize a system of pulleys. Users can choose how much weight they wish to lift by inserting a pin into the desired training weight.

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We produce full set commercial gym equipment including commercial cardio machine like commercial treadmill, spin bike, rowing machine, high quality upright bike, recumbent bike.

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