Commercial Treadmill

Product Name:GANAS curve treadmill KY-854

Product Description:

 1.Mode:1-8 sports modes, 3 sports modes

2.Brake mode magnet resistance adjustment.
3.Running with tracked aluminum frame.
4.Treadmill size:2000*900*1530mm.
5.Running belt size:3600*480mm.
6.Driving way: gravity.
7.Speed range: 0-20km/h.
8.Running area of 1500 * 430mm.
10.Maximum load:200kg.

13.Packing size: 1850mm*1050mm*650mm.


1, The curve treadmill does not need to be equipped with a motor. In addition, the treadmill, shock absorption and other devices of the curve treadmill are mostly designed with simple design, and the weight and volume are much more than the electric treadmill mini. According to our understanding, the net weight of most curve treadmills on the market is around 20 kg, only one-third of the electric treadmills. Even women can fold them completely against the wall and idle. It can save a lot of room space.

2. power saving,The curve treadmill does not need to be connected to a power source, and it does not consume energy at all.

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