complete gym equipment packages

Product Name:250-300㎡ full gym set package for commerical use

Product Description:


250-300㎡ Full Gym Set Package series

250 300sqm654
Spin bike
Elliptical bike
Heavy Duty Treadmill
Smith machine
Roman chair
Multi adjustable bench
Dumbbell rack(10 pair)
Dumbbell    (rubber cover)
Barbell weight  plate(rubber cover)
Rubber cushion                
Yogo mat
"International Standard
American Billiard Table"
Luxury commercial 5 station Multi jungle
Big olympic pole with clip reed
1.2m Pic curly pole
Lat machine
Cable crossover
Adjustable web board
Triceps rose
Triceps straight bar
Rowing handle
EZ biceps/trice ps bar
Chinning triangle
Multi purpose handle

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