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Product Name:500㎡ complete gym package

Product Description:


500㎡ complete gym package SERIES

Heavy Duty Treadmill (TV+touch screen +wifi)

Curv treadmill
 Water Resistance Rowing Machine
Upright Bike
Recumbent bike
elliptical bike
Spin bike
T arm machine
Sissy Squat
Multi Jungle 8 Stacks
Seated leg press
Standing calf machine
Shoulder Raise
Seated leg extension
Prone Leg Curl
Dip/Chin Assist
Rear Delt / Pec Fly
Chest press
Abdominal crunch
Biceps curl
triceps press down
Outer thigh abductor
Inner thigh adductor
Roman chair
Multi hip
Shoulder press
Olympic Incline bench press
Olympic Decline bench press
 Plate tree
seated chest press
Smith machine
Multi-Purpose Bench
Olympic bench press
Squat rack
Seated Preacher Curl
Adjustable Decline Bench
Multi adjustable bench
Flat bench
Dumbbell rack (6 pair)
Luxury commercial  Dumbbell rack (10 pair)
45 Leg press
V squat
Hanging boxing bag
 Barbell weight  plate(rubber cover)
Dumbbell           (rubber cover)
Yogo mat
Fitness ball
Fitness ball
Fitness ball
Fitness ball
skipping rope
BIG Gym mat
Rubber cushion                
Star Rubber floor                
Big olympic pole with clip reed
1.2m Pic curly pole
Ab Roller
Battle rope
Medicine ball
Medicine ball Rack
fitness stick
Plastic dip in dumbbell
dumbbell rack
Crazy fit massage
Kettle bell
Kettle bell Rack
Multi purpose handle
EZ biceps/trice ps bar
Triceps straight bar
Rowing handle
Chinning triangle
Triceps rose

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