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Product Name:Prone Leg Curls Machine

Product Description:

Product Features:

Have you spent countless hours looking for the perfect prone leg curls to equip your gym? Look no more! We present to you the Prone Leg Curls made by Ganas. This machine will blow your mind out.


At first look, you can notice that the machine elegant, as it is made of sturdy steel tubes and comfortable PU leather. The paint job is fantastic because it consists of a three-layer metal coating which never rusts. This machine is designed for a high-end sophisticated gym, as it weighs 298 Kg which makes its transport hard, yet ensures that it holds its ground.

The Prone Leg Curls by Ganas comes with contoured elbow pads which enhance the user's stabilization and comfort. It's also equipped with a divergent pad, angled in a way that eliminates lower-back stress. Let's not forget the fact that the machine comes with thumb-switch controls that allow easy adjustments, and its weight stack can reach even 100 Kg. This means that the Prone Leg Curls by Ganas is suitable to every user.

In conclusion, we can say that the Prone Leg Curls by Ganas is the best machine on the market for this price tag. So if you want to make your clients happy and safe while training their back thigh muscles, then get the Prone Leg Curls by Ganas.

G7-S73 gym equipment prone leg curl machine
commercial design for high-end gym
Weight Stack
steel tube + PU leather
3 layers metal coating

 Product Specifications:

• Contoured elbow pads enhance stabilization and comfort
• Divergent pad angle eliminates lower-back stress
• Thumb-switch controls allow easy adjustments

is a top fitness equipment brand in China with high quality & best service!

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