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Product Name:Chin Dip Assist Machine

Product Description:

Product Features:

Are you in look for the perfect chin dip assist machine? Look no further than the Chin Dip Assist Machine made by Ganas! This machine is the best on the market for this price range.
The Chin Dip Assist Machine by Ganas is elegant; the paint job consists of a three-layer metal coating, which guarantees that the machine never rusts.
It runs on an "alloy pulley" system, and it is equipped with an Italian driving belt, provided by "Megadyne Kevlar".
The chin dip assist is perfect for training chest muscles, triceps and anterior shoulder muscles, and the Chin Dip Assist Machine by Ganas ensures that the user gets the most of his exercise. That is possible thanks to multi-position pull-up handles which provide a great variety of training methods. 
The dip grips are angles in a way that assures a proper waist placement. As for the knee platform, it is gas assisted, which means that it can easily fold up for unassisted bodyweight exercise.
The foot platforms are large; this quality provides easy entry and exit for the user. We at Ganas believe that safety is a key element to every training exercise, that's why our Chin Dip Assist Machine comes with a knee platform that features a protective top pad, and a conveniently located adjustment device that provides the user with brakes in order to prevent disengagement. This machine is also known for its modest size of 1948mm*990mm*2491mm which means it can be easily placed within your gym.

As you can see, we weren't kidding when we said that the Chin Dip Assist Machine made by Ganas is the best on the market, so what are you waiting for? Order yours now!

Product Specifications:

• High strength PC cover


• 3 layers metal coating 


• Aluminium alloy pulley system 


• Driving belt from  ITALY "MEGADYNE KEVLAR "


• Multi-position pull-up handles for greater exercise variety


• Ideally angled dip grips encourage proper wrist placement 


  and muscle variation


• Gas-assisted knee platform folds up for unassisted bodyweight exercises


   and training variety


• Large, textured foot platforms provide easy entry and exit


• Knee platform features a protective top pad for added training security


• Conveniently located adjustment point provides user with a hard


   stop to prevent disengagement


• Clearly indicated adjustments for ease of use



VS-S27 gym equipment 
commercial design for professional gym
1948Packing Size
10 years


is a top fitness equipment brand in China with high quality & best service!

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