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Product Name:Luxury commercial Smith machine

Product Description:

Product Features:

It's a known fact that squat exercises are the most efficient training methods. They build the overall body muscle size and add stability to the user. This type of exercise is much better if done with weights, and what's better to do this training than with a Smith Machine. And as a gym owner, you must have spent countless hours looking for the most suitable Smith Machine out there for your clients, look no more, the Smith machine made by Ganas is the answer to all your demands!


The machine can be easily distinguished from the lot thanks to its luxurious looks. This model was designed in a commercial way that is suitable for gyms. The coating consists of a three-layer metal coat, which gives the machine a shining brightness and ensures that it never rusts. As for the material, our Smith machine is made of steel tube and PU leather, which are fine materials that give the machine its elegance and efficiency. As for the system on which our Smith machine runs on, it's an aluminum alloy pulley system. And the driving belt is Italian "Megadyne Kevlar" which is premium quality; this belt ensures smoothness and reduces the noise made by the machine.

The Smith machine comes with an Olympic bar that is counterbalanced to 20 Kg, the open-ended frame design provides easy access to all users of different sizes. Our machine is also equipped with "flip in and out" adjustable stops. As for the size, it's approximately 1806*1151*1522mm, and the weight is 322 Kg, which means our machine is quite sturdy.

In conclusion, if you're looking for a machine that does overhead and chest presses, and also provides amazing squat exercises, then the Smith Machine made by Ganas is surely what you're looking for, we assure you that you won't find anything similar on the market at this price range.

VS-S31 gym equipment smith machine
commercial design for professional gym
Driving Belt
Driving belt from ITALY "MEGADYNE KEVLAR "
steel tube + PU leather
3 layers metal coating
Expanding Size
Packing Size


 Product Specifications:

• Olympic bar is counter balanced to 20kg/44LBS.

• 3 layers metal coating.

• Aluminium alloy pulley system.

• Open-ended frame design provides easy access.

• Flip in and out adjustable stops.

is a top fitness equipment brand in China with high quality & best service!

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