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Product Name:Olympic Decline Bench Press

Product Description:

Product Features:

The Olympic Decline Bench Press by Ganas is one of the many machines that make us proud. It is one of the most sophisticated machines among its rivals. When you first look at the Olympic Decline Bench Press, you immediately notice that it's quite elegant, simple and beautiful. Our machine paint job consists of a 3 layer silver coat, which is amazing because it never rusts.

The Olympic bars are protected with molded urethane guards. This avoids getting the bars scratched, bumped or even destroyed. This is not the only function of these guards, as they also reduce noise and provide a hand rest for spotters. The Ganas makers have put all their knowledge in the designing of this machine so that it meets the ASTM safety standards.

The Olympic Decline Bench Press isn't just about looks and safety, it's also about efficiency. The back pad is really wide which makes the users stable during heavy lifts, the knee and ankle pads can also be easily pivoted in order to accommodate all user sizes. If you're not yet convinced about these reasons that show our machine's superiority, then know that it won't hold much space within your gym, as its size is only 1318mm*805mm*1064mm.

So if you're looking for an Olympic decline bench, then we assure you, that you won't find anything on the market better than the one made by Ganas.


Product Usage:

• Molded urethane guards protect Olympic bars from damage.



  reduce noise and provide a hand rest for spotters.


• Wide back pad stabilizes users during heavy lifts.


• Designed to meet EN957 and ASTM safety standards.


• Knee and ankle pads easily pivot to accommodate all user sizes.


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