Matrix Versa Strength Series

Product Name:Standing Arm Curls

Product Description:

Product Features:

Every training enthusiast, athlete and gym goer looks for the perfect training to enhance his arm strength and biceps muscle mass. And as a gym owner, you are probably looking for the most suitable way to ensure that for your clients. Look no more, the Standing Arm Curls by Ganas is the answer to your questions.

This product is elegant and very good looking like every other piece of equipment made by Ganas. The frame and bar on this product are protected thanks to the durable extruded guards, but it is not all about the looks. This Standing Arm Curls is extremely efficient. First, the arm pad height can be adjusted to accommodate users of all sizes and ensure the best training. Second, this machine gives the user the option of using both sides which increases functionality and saves space, as if it did not save enough space already with its modest size of 1387mm*1298mm*1219mm.

So if you're a gym owner looking to ensure the best arm training for your clients then the Standing Arm Curls by Ganas is the best choice for you, and we guarantee that you won't find anything better at this price range.

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