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Product Name:Multi Adjustable Bench

Product Description:

Product Features:

The bench is the pillar of a gym. And it's known that many athletes and gym goers change from a gym to another looking for the most comfortable bench. So if you're looking to get the perfect bench, then we are glad to present to you the multi-adjustable bench made by Ganas.


This bench is the product of the work of many competent Ganas designers and builders, so it's a guaranteed win! This model is very elegant, with its modest size of 1654mm*1384mm*1730mm and silver captivating color. The bench is also equipped with moulded guards that protect the high wear areas. Our bench comes with transport handles and integrated wheels that simplify its movement within the gym.

The seat automatically adjusts with the back pad for ease of use and comfort. The back pad is, of course, adjustable through 8 positions from 0 to 75 degrees. We are not done talking about the benefits of this amazing back pad; it is also really wide, which ensures the users' stability while training with heavy lifts. This bench is designed is a well-studied manner, the floor to pad height is minimal which minimizes lower back and prevents arching.

So if you're still having doubts about the best bench out there for an affordable price then the Multi-Adjustable Bench by Ganas is exactly what you are looking for.

Product Usage:

• The seat automatically adjusts with the back pad for ease of use.

• Adjustable back pad with 8 positions from 0 to 75 degrees.
• Wide back pad stabilizes users during heavy lifts.
• Molded guards protect high wear/scuff areas.
• Transport handle and integrated wheels simplify movement.
  within the facility
• Low 17.8"" floor-to-pad height minimizes lower back stress.
  and prevents arching   1654mm*1384mm*1730mm.

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