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Product Name:Back Extension Bench

Product Description:

Product Features:

The Back Extension Bench is one of the most essential benches within a gym. Why is that? Because this machine guarantees core strength, overall stability and builds powerful back muscles which are the hardest to train.

So if you're looking to equip your gym with a Back Extension Bench, then let us save you the pain and give you what you're looking for right now.

The back Extension Bench made by Ganas is one of the best on the market. Like any other Ganas product, it's known for its beautiful design and simple yet captivating colours.

The bench is angled at 45 degrees which makes it perfect for lower back exercise; this also makes it easily accessible for the user. You can choose from 9 different height positions, which provides ideal adjustment for users of different heights.

Let's not forget that the footrests incorporate lower leg pads that add the users' stability and comfort. The Back Extension Bench made by Ganas is also convenient to be put within a gym thanks to its modest size of 1265mm*790mm*462mm.

So if you're looking for a back extension bench that has got it all, from the elegant looks and high-level components to the extreme efficiency and comfort, at an affordable price, then the Back Extension Bench made by Ganas is exactly what you are looking for!

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