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If you're looking for the perfect glute ham to equip your gym, then we have you covered. We present to you the new Glute Ham Bench made by Chinese leading manufacturer Ganas.


This machine is the future.  As always, it has a step-through design like any other Ganas product. The Glute Ham is the translation of elegance, with its silver shining colour, which is guaranteed never to rust if properly taken care of. The Glute Ham's seat and le pads are leathered, which ensures the user's maximal comfort and ease while training.

Let's stop talking about how much beautiful looking our product is and start talking about what it is really capable of! The amazing leg pads and oversized footplate can be adjusted while the user is training, which offers flexibility to our user's training program. The Glute Ham Bench is also equipped with handles and hooks to attach bands for reverse hyperextensions, which is the training that everyone aspires to practice because it is a great way to train all of your leg muscles, lower back muscles and even abs.

So if you're a gym owner looking for the most good looking yet effective Glute Ham Bench that satisfies your clients and doesn't take much space, then Here is your answer. The Glute Ham Bench doesn't take a big space within your gym, its size is only 991mm*846mm*1316mm and it's really affordable.

You won't be able to find anything remotely similar for this price range! What are you waiting for? Order your Glute Ham Bench by Ganas now!

is a top fitness equipment brand in China with high quality & best service!

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