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MG-6710 is a commercial inner thigh adductor & abductor bifunctional trainer. It is a special product for exercising inner thigh muscles and hip muscles. Luxurious and fashionable.Seated practice, legs open and close. Weights impart resistance, allowing the proper load to be adjusted to each individual's needs.

What is Hip Abduction?

Hip abduction is the movement of the legs backward, forward, or sideways away from the middle of the body. You do this when you step sideways or step out of your car. The muscles responsible are the hip abductors, a small muscle group located on the outside of the thigh and around the gluteal muscles. These muscles help open your legs and push out your hips. These muscles are called stabilizers and are often forgotten, which is where the hip abductor machine comes in.

Hip abduction exercises not only help you achieve tight and toned butt muscles, they can also prevent and treat hip and knee pain.

Hip abduction exercises are beneficial for athletes and men and women of all ages.


◆  Design by America famous brand 

◆  Pay more attention to the training of strength and professionalism.

◆  Full steel cover .

◆  Combination 60*120*3.0mm supportive steel for heavy duty commercial usage .

◆  Matte frosting coating technology make the machine Luxury .

◆  The XL size cushion , can support your body easier .

◆  Prevent and improve joint and muscle problems in the hip and pelvis.

◆  Every connection use motor-level precision ball bearing.

◆  Improves muscle elasticity and performance of the legs.

◆  Multi-grips provide exercise variation

◆  Independent movement handles result in training separately.

Product Parameters

Product Name

Outer thigh Abductor

Traning spot





190 kg

Weight Stack



Universal, Fitness Center, Commercial gym


CE TUV BV ISO 9001    

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The Hip Abduction Machine

This hip abduction machine has two pads that sit on the outside of your thighs while you sit on the machine. When using a machine, you use the resistance provided by the weights to push your legs toward the mat.

This exercise targets all the small muscles involved in hip abduction - the tensor fasciae latae - as well as the other three gluteal muscles, the gluteus medius, gluteus minimus, and gluteus maximus.

Points to Remember:

1.It's important to provide adequate support for your back, so make sure you adjust the back padding in your machine appropriately.

2.Make sure your movements against resistance are controlled and smooth.

3.Keep your feet aligned and in line with your knees.

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