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The benefits of Seated Horizaontal Pully machine for the back

Seated Horizaontal Pully machine have multiple benefits for your back. This exercise allows you to:

1.Muscle Strengthening: Horizontal pulls target back muscles such as dorsi major, trapezius, rhomboids, and teres. This exercise strengthens and tones these muscles by specifically working them. This helps make your back stronger and more elastic.

2.Prevent back pain: Back pain is often caused by muscle imbalances and weak back muscles. Horizontal pulls strengthen these muscles. This reduces pressure on the spine. This exercise can help relieve back pain and prevent injury.

3.Improved athletic performance: A strong, balanced back is essential for many physical activities. Horizontal pulls strengthen the back muscles involved in pushing, pulling, and rotating movements. This improves strength, stability, and efficiency in athletic movements.


◆  3 layers strong metal coating

◆  3mm GB Q235 steel

◆  XL size high quality PU leather cushion, color can customized

◆  The pedals are made of PVC and equipped with a built-in steel skeleton for added comfort.

◆  The moving guiding rail is made of 45# alloy steel at a diameter of 45mm. They are ground and formed in high temperatures, then chrome plated for a high wear and corrosion resistance.

◆  Chain wheel: 100mm high-strength engineering plastic, precision machined bearing

◆   The weight plates are made of 20# alloy steel, giving them a smooth surface with no pit or hemps, ideal thicknesses and varying weights. There are also damping cushions placed between the weight plates

◆  The guide bars use hollow stainless steel. They are made through a grinding and polishing process, and will not rust, even after extensive usage.

Product Parameters

Product Name

Seated Horizaontal Pully Machine

Traning spot

Latissimus Dorsi ,Biceps





Weight Stack



Universal, Fitness Center, Commercial gym


CE TUV BV ISO 9001    

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How to correctly perform the horizontal pull or seated rowing?

Correct equipment and positioning for horizontal pulling

To perform a horizontal pull, you will need some specific equipment, including:

  1. 1.Horizontal pull-up machine: This is an exercise machine that has pulleys, a pull-up bar or handles, and an adjustable resistance system. It provides good stability and allows you to exercise your back muscles in a controlled manner.

2.Pull-up bar or handle: If you don't have a horizontal pull-up machine, you can use a pull-up bar or handle that is attached to a cable pulley. Make sure you use sturdy, safe equipment.

3.Weights or Resistance: Depending on the type of equipment you're using, you'll need weights or adjustable resistance to create a load that's appropriate for your strength level. This can be in the form of weight plates, resistance plates or a resistance system integrated into the machine.

4.Adjustable Seat: Most horizontal pull machines come with a height-adjustable seat. Be sure to adjust your seat so that your arms are in a comfortable position to perform the movement.

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