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Product Name:VS-S53 Abdominal Crunch

Product Description:

Product Features:

Are you looking for a machine to build your abdominal muscles? The VS-S53 abdominal crunch designed by Ganas is the answer to all your questions!

This machine is the pinnacle among its peers, Let’s start by saying it's elegant, with its 3 layer metal coating ensuring that it never rusts. It's equipped with a driving belt from Italy, “Megadyne Kevlar”.

The chic-looking leather chair is also equipped with curved back pads for full muscular contraction and comfort.

The VS-S53 isn't just beautiful, it's the translation of innovation because it has a dual-pivot design which is perfect for natural abdominal crunch motion, it also has action Specific Grips that provide greater comfort for the user and minimal point pressure, which ensures safety and ease of exercise. And whether you're a high-level athlete or just a regular guy who wants to train his abdominal muscles, our abdominal crunch comes with self-aligning handles that can be adjusted to accommodate a variety of users.

To top all of that, the VS-S53 runs on an aluminium alloy pulley system, therefore its long life expectancy, not to mention its safety and smoothness. As for its size, this machine won't take a large space at your gym, because it weighs around 200Kg and has measurements of 1069mm*1143mm*1572mm.

So if you want a machine to train the abdominal rectus, that is beautiful and extremely efficient, then look no more, the VS-S53 abdominal crunch by Ganas has got it all, it's the best alternative within its price range, and if you're still hesitating, then let us let you know that it has a 10 year warranty. What are you waiting for!

Product function:

High strength PC cover.

• 3 layers metal coating.

• Aluminium alloy pulley system.

• Driving belt from  ITALY "MEGADYNE KEVLAR.

• Curved back pads for full muscular contraction and comfort.

• Self-aligning handles adjust to accommodate a variety of users.

• Dual-pivot design for natural abdominal crunch motion.

• Action Specific Grips provide greater comfort and minimal point pressure.



Product Name

Abdominal Crunch

Item No.






Training Spot

Rectus abdominis

Tube size




Tube thickness





10 years

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