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Looking for reliable gym flooring? Look no further than GANAS Gym Flooring Manufacturer! Contect Us Now!

GANAS aim at full set commercial gym solution, so the gym related products we can provide it together, which will help you save time and save cost, also very effective. Like the rubber, flooring is the solution for almost any commercial in need of a strong surface. 

We have different color with different thickness for you to choose. Rubber gym mats are an ideal flooring solution for almost any commercial or home gym in need of a strong surface. Popularly used in gyms and leisure facilities, rubber mats are shock absorbent with anti-slip properties to maximize safety when using weights, cardio machinery, and other Exercise Equipment.

Also, we have sauna project, gym locker, access control system, gym light and so on. 

Steam Room & Sauna Room:When your body temperature rises, tension is released effortlessly from your muscles and joints. Sauna bathing also opens up your pores, aiding the secretion of metabolic waste toxins. This helps to cleanse your body, inside and out, leaving you feeling truly revitalized. 

With a range of traditional and soft options as a modular sauna that allow you to customize the shape, size and design of your sauna and a large variety of ready-made saunas, we are sure that we can find the right model for you.

Contact us, GANAS will be your luxury commercial gym solution provider for you~

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