London, England-Trident Fitness 1000 SQM-High-End Luxury Gym

London, England-Trident Fitness 1000 SQM-High-End Luxury Gym

In early December 2023, the GANAS fitness equipment factory completed the production of fitness equipment for British customers and delivered it to customers in time for their opening at the end of January. This is the picture fed back by customers yesterday. When you read the pictures fed back by British customers, you will know that GANAS fitness equipment is not inferior to American and Italian fitness equipment at all! Every time we receive positive comments from customers, the GANAS team is very happy because you all recognize GANAS’s professionalism!

The British customer's gym, Trident Fitness, is located in London, England. It covers an area of 1,000 square meters. It has two floors. It is a semi-duplex building. The first floor is mainly for strength training, and the second floor is mainly for cardio equipment. The British customer's gym includes cardio area, plate load strength area, free weight area, personal training area, and spinning area.

The British customer's gym chose our most high-end heavy-duty KY-760TV version of the treadmill in the aerobic's the top luxury heavy duty commercial treadmill. 

America  Life Fitness style

Modern high end attractive looks, which covers all heavy duty aluminium alloy frame

More powerful AC Motor & Inverter

Use Taiwan AC 7.0HP heavy duty motor and Japan Mitsubishi AC Inverter,  which provide 20% power more than domestic ,and 30% more longer lifetime.

Top speed and incline

With its 0-20 km/h speed and 20% incline, 3.5mm Germany SEIGLING belt 8 level shock absorption system ensures quiet and smooth running even high speed. 30.0mm Double MDF running board can allow 250kgs loading weight.

15.6 inch TFT touch screen 

It can connect with WIFI, so you can enjoy movie, TV, music when running. Also can share the running date to FB/Twister after exercise

You won’t be disappointed if you choose the KY-760 treadmill!

In the free weights area, Trident Fitness are using our KY-9 series, the world’s number one brand of plate equipment, which is designed to move with the body’s natural path of movement, with smooth convergent and divergent arcs of movement. Wire. Independent arm movements provide a greater variety of movements and allow users to work their limbs independently or independently. Ground baselines are a subset of hammer strength plate loading equipment. The aim is to plant the feet firmly on the ground. Ground base helps train the body to develop strength from the ground up. These exercise-based machines train multiple muscle groups simultaneously for a full-body workout.


In the selectorized strength area, British customers use GANAS's high-end, top-end luxury high-quality VS series, which uses an aluminum alloy pulley system, which is sturdy and durable, making the commercial gym luxurious.

1、Material: Combination 70*140*3.0mm Oval supportive GB Q235 steel for heavy duty commercial gym. 

2、High quality setting: Aluminium alloy pulley system and Double GAS adjustment system, which is easy humanized adjust and durable,can be use over 10 years 

3、Painting: Use PFA brand environmental protection powder painting,3-4 layers strong metal coating,thickness will be 3.2-3.3mm,which is harmless to human body and will anti-scratch, anti-rust, anti-corrosion. Lot of factories will do 1-2 times painting, that is why the cost different, but their machine easy rusty and scratched.

4、Cushion: XL size high quality PU leather cushion,color can customized, which is breathable and easy cleaned,sweat-proof, moisture-absorbing, 

moisture-proof, mildew proof

5、Accessory: " 7 strands 19 lines "wire cable diameter 8.0mm, maximum weight 460kgs. High strength TPV Handle, not easy damage, improve the durability of the product.

GANAS is an expert in gym solutions and a supplier of integrated fitness solutions such as fitness equipment and gym facilities. GANAS can provide door-to-door measurement planning, scientific division of site functions, and production of 2D/3D effect drawings with zero error in real-life display; use crowd analysis to customize effective exercise plans.

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