Abdominal Crunch Machine

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  • GANAS Abdominal Crunch Machine Gym Exercise Machines MG-6730
    GANAS Abdominal Crunch Machine Gym Exercise Machines MG-6730
    The GANAS abdominal crunch machine is designed to strengthen and sculpt the abdominal muscles during an upright seated abdominal crunch. Students of all sizes and strength levels will find the MG-6727 to be a great fit and very easy to operate. The dense closed-cell foam seat cushion provides a comfortable workout experience and is easy to adjust to the perfect height. The extra-large foam foot roller holds the foot in place and enhances sit-up isolation and contraction for proper core training. Arm pads and handlebars keep the torso in the preferred crunch position throughout the workout. The 70KG weight plate is within easy reach for quick and easy weight changes and rides on a hardened steel guide rod driven by a high tensile strength cable pulley with sealed bearings.
  • Ganas Gym Equipment Luxury Commercial Abdominal Crunch Machine G-609
    Ganas Gym Equipment Luxury Commercial Abdominal Crunch Machine G-609
    The Ganas Gym G-609 is a commercial seated abdominal training machine. Designed specifically for training the rectus abdominis. The classic Italian-style exterior design with a gantry frame shape highlights the independent personality of Italian style, bold yet beautiful.The rectangular frame tubes and sturdy appearance have earned the G Line products a reputation for being sturdy. Our manufacturing process uses commercial grade steel and premium materials. This focus on quality helps create a final product that is both durable and pleasing to the eye. You can rest assured that this series is designed to meet the enduring needs of commercial fitness environments.
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