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  • Ganas Leg Press 45 ° Machine Manufacturer in China KY-PA25
    Ganas Leg Press 45 ° Machine Manufacturer in China KY-PA25
    The 45° leg press allows you to train all of your leg muscles, focusing on your quads, glutes, and hamstrings. The wide platform allows for different training angles, and you can focus your workouts on your femurs and glutes or your quadriceps. The double 45° leg press super version is the ideal solution for a complete workout of the entire thigh muscles, able to be performed with both legs (joint or split) or with one leg (alternating single or split).Ganas Machine designed this machine with an incline squat design at a 45-degree angle to help better activate and tone various muscle groups in the legs, including the quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes.
  • Ganas Gym Equipment Luxury Commercial Leg Press Machine G-611
    Ganas Gym Equipment Luxury Commercial Leg Press Machine G-611
    Ganas Gym Equipment,G-611 is a commercial seated leg press trainer. Special product for building leg muscles. Equipment for many lower body exercises. Classic America style shape design, the gantry is in the shape of an n, which highlights the elegance of Life Fitness and is most suitable for Asians.Sit on an active seat and place your legs on a dedicated platform. This sitting position protects the back muscles and joints from stress during the exercise. Depending on the position of the foot and the width of the propulsion movement, different muscles can be exercised at different intensities.
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