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  • Ganas Gym Equipment Luxury commercial  Lat Pull Down Machine G-617
    Ganas Gym Equipment Luxury commercial Lat Pull Down Machine G-617
    Ganas Gym Equipment,G-617 is a commercial seated lat pull down trainer. It is a special product for exercising trunk muscles and arm muscles. Classic MBH shape design, luxurious and fashionable.Practice sitting in a guided trajectory, grabbing the handlebars and pulling your arms from top to bottom. Weights impart resistance, allowing the proper load to be adjusted to each individual's needsThe machine pulldown is a guided version of the standard cable pulldown. The movement is nearly identical: You sit in front of the machine and pull two overhead handles up to your shoulders. Because the machine guides the movement, fewer muscles are involved than with the cable pulldown, making it an isolation exercise.
  • Ganas Gym Equipment Strength Lat Pull Down Machine MG-6732
    Ganas Gym Equipment Strength Lat Pull Down Machine MG-6732
    Take advantage of the isolateral benefits of back training to reduce imbalances and improve overall symmetry and balance. The tall construction is compatible with a variety of cable attachments, providing a full range of motion even for taller users.Featuring a comfortable seat and adjustable foam leg rollers, this lat training machine from GANAS is proven to be a valuable addition to your training space, providing a smooth and stable pulling experience.The MG Series Lat PullDown is a mechanically strong, durable and practical solution to strengthen your back.Lat Pulldown follows the outstanding design style of this category, with the pulley position on the device allowing the user to move smoothly in front of the head. The seat and adjustable thigh pads have been ergonomically optimized for better support and comfort.
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