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  • Ganas High Quality Cardio Equipment Spin Bike&Exercise Bike For Commercial Gym KY-2004
    Ganas High Quality Cardio Equipment Spin Bike&Exercise Bike For Commercial Gym KY-2004
    KY-2004 is a luxury commercial magnetic spinning bike, an indoor aerobic exercise bike that can exercise the whole body in the gym. This spinning bike is suitable for anyone from 15 to 50 years old. After exercising, you will consume a lot of energy and sweat a lot. At the same time, it also enhances the strength of your legs, beautifies the lower body shape, and improves the body's oxygen uptake.The frame of the KY-2004exercise bike uses a 50*120mm elliptical tube, which is simple and stylish, sturdy and durable. It is equipped with reinforced pedals. The maximum load-bearing capacity is 150KG to adapt to the entire weight of users with different fitness levels. Seats available to those who want to use them are often unpadded, as it is important to ensure that the user stands up during exercise to maximize the efficiency of the exercise and ensure maximum fitness benefits. The handles also feature an athletic textured surface that provides user comfort, enhances grip during workouts, and protects the user's fingers from nasty blisters and sores you may find on your fingers due to intense friction. and ulcers.
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