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  • GANAS New Arrival Commercial Seated Chest Press Machine MG-901
    GANAS New Arrival Commercial Seated Chest Press Machine MG-901
    The MG-901 is part of the most innovative line-up of commercial strength equipment. Whether your customer is a novice or experienced weight machine, it's easy to use. The fixed weight plates allow customers to directly choose the weight that suits them for exercise, and the adjustable seats are suitable for people of different heights.The Seated Chest Press offers exercise variations from traditional and neutral hand grip positions.It is a modern, comprehensive, space-efficient strength conditioning system designed to meet the performance, reliability and budget needs of today's commercial fitness facilities.
  • Ganas Gym Equipment Strength Machine Seated Chest Press MG-6720A
    Ganas Gym Equipment Strength Machine Seated Chest Press MG-6720A
    The GANAS Selective Chest Press Machine provides resistance training for the chest muscles by simulating a bench press or dumbbell press. Similar to the dumbbell press, the pressing arms of the MG-6720 Elite Chest Press move independently and in a convergent path, allowing the pectoral muscles to contract naturally. The angle of the handle is also ergonomically designed to reduce pressure on your wrists. The handles adjust backward or forward, allowing the user to determine the amount of stretch and range of motion for each repetition. The one-touch pneumatic seat adjusts quickly and easily to fit any user's height or contact point preference. The 80kg weight plate can be adjusted without leaving the machine and is driven by a high-end pulley system that includes polished steel guide rods, heavy-duty cables and pulleys with sealed bearings. The seat and backrest are padded with thick closed-cell foam, and the frame holding them together is made from 11-gauge steel tubing.
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