Three Tier Dumbbell Rack

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  • GANAS Factory Wholesale Three Tier Dumbbell Rack 15 Pairs Dumbbell Rack MT-7059
    GANAS Factory Wholesale Three Tier Dumbbell Rack 15 Pairs Dumbbell Rack MT-7059
    GANAS MT-7059 Three Tier Dumbbell Rack design is made of steel plate cutting, bending and assembly without welding. The space-saving three-layer design takes up less space. The base is made of a whole steel plate, which can greatly increase the stability of the equipment. Can provide storage for 15 pairs of dumbbells.The GANAS MT-7059Three Tier Dumbbell Rack is designed with a stepped layout for easy access or storage by exercisers. The hot-injection-molded saddle made of high-performance wear-resistant and impact-resistant material helps secure and isolate the dumbbells, protects the bell covering, reduces noise, and improves appearance.
  • Ganas Gym Equipment 15 Pairs Dumbbell rack MT-7059
    Ganas Gym Equipment 15 Pairs Dumbbell rack MT-7059
    As we all know, dumbbells are essential within a gym. What is really annoying about dumbbells is the fact that they get thrown everywhere and you never get to organize them in a proper way, that's why we present to you the Ms. three Dumbbell Rack MT-7049 by Ganas. This rack can hold 18 dumbbells of different sizes, on three levels. Specially placed for dumbbells, a set of 5~50lbs (2.5~25kg) dumbbells can be placed, the durable saddle helps to store dumbbells, the bottom rubber feet can keep the main frame firm, and protect the floor from scratches.
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