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  • Ganas Commercial Power Runner Fitness Machine PA Series KY-PA09
    Ganas Commercial Power Runner Fitness Machine PA Series KY-PA09
    The KY-PA09 Power Runner is ideal for comprehensive training of the entire thrust muscle chain of the lower body on one foot, one foot, or alternating feet.Power Runner is the ideal workout to improve performance, strength and fitness. The Power Runner Machine is one of the most practical pieces of training equipment. Runner is designed to meet the needs of both professional athletes and general fitness users. Great for rugby players and sprinters. The device offers sprint mode or resistance training qualities, and these workout settings can be used individually or in combination depending on the enthusiast's needs while allowing for free leg movement. The ability to change speed and/or power for short periods of time transmits sensation to the leg muscles in real time.In addition, the leather chair outside this product has a unique appearance and is equipped with curved cushions, which can fully contract the muscles and bring extra comfort. This is an amazing lower body exercise machine that will target your entire kinetic chain in a way no other exercise can.
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