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  • Ganas Commercial Rowing Machine Plate Loaded Series For Gym KY-PA22
    Ganas Commercial Rowing Machine Plate Loaded Series For Gym KY-PA22
    Rowing machine is a kind of fitness equipment that simulates rowing movements on water. It can provide a full-body exercise, especially for the upper body, lower body and core muscles. It has a good training effect.Ganas Rowing machines KY-PA22 are not only suitable for professional trainers, but are also great for home fitness. It can provide aerobic and endurance training and exercise more than 80% of the muscles of the whole body at the same time. It is an efficient whole-body exercise method.Pulling exercises are one of the most natural and effective ways to work your back muscles. And with the help of this rowing machine, they will be able to perform as accurately and safely as possible!Separate operation of the handles allows you to use them separately to work out one side of the back muscles. To make the exercise clear, there is an additional static handle for the free hand near the chest support.
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