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  • Ganas Alternate Triceps Machine Commercial Plate Loaded Series KY-PA24
    Ganas Alternate Triceps Machine Commercial Plate Loaded Series KY-PA24
    GANAS The Plate Loaded Alternate Triceps Machine provides multiple height adjustments for the seat as well as multiple back pad adjustments to secure/brace the user while performing the exercise movement. These features allow for a wide variety of set ups along with being accommodating for many different body types. The alternating triceps machine, also known as the triceps push-down trainer, is a piece of fitness equipment designed specifically for isolation training of the triceps brachii (triceps brachii). The machine features independent control levers for bilateral or unilateral training. The seat is designed with air pressure adjustment height to meet the needs of different users.The machine utilizes physiological load curves and cams attached to the control rods to ensure users maintain optimal tension throughout the entire range of motion for effective technical movement training. In addition, by using this device, users can better exercise triceps-related muscle groups, such as close-grip push-ups, pull-down presses, back flexion and extension, etc.
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