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  • Ganas Leg Press 45 ° Machine Manufacturer in China KY-PA25
    Ganas Leg Press 45 ° Machine Manufacturer in China KY-PA25
    The 45° leg press allows you to train all of your leg muscles, focusing on your quads, glutes, and hamstrings. The wide platform allows for different training angles, and you can focus your workouts on your femurs and glutes or your quadriceps. The double 45° leg press super version is the ideal solution for a complete workout of the entire thigh muscles, able to be performed with both legs (joint or split) or with one leg (alternating single or split).Ganas Machine designed this machine with an incline squat design at a 45-degree angle to help better activate and tone various muscle groups in the legs, including the quadriceps, hamstrings, and glutes.
  • GANAS Commercial TV Style Treadmill&Running Machine Cheap Price For Gym KY-8809
    GANAS Commercial TV Style Treadmill&Running Machine Cheap Price For Gym KY-8809
    The screen of the GANAS KY-8809 treadmill uses a 15.6-inch TFT display, which provides a 178° wide viewing angle and a safe and durable touch display effect. The functions of this treadmill will not let you down. Every function such as time, speed, mileage, calories, pulse rate, incline, and fat measurement is striving to meet your needs; health technology is at your fingertips, and touch screen control can Connect to WIFI and the Internet to listen to music and watch videos while running.The KY-8809 Treadmill's cool-running, brushless 4.5-horsepower AC drive motor increases the treadmill's reliability while delivering torque and smooth continuous power to meet the unique needs of users.
  • Ganas Abdominal Crunch Machine Manufacturer in China KY-PA26
    Ganas Abdominal Crunch Machine Manufacturer in China KY-PA26
    Crunch-ups allow you to work synergistically and effectively all the muscle bundles that form your abdomen, such as your abdominal rectum and internal obliques. Abdominal Crunch perfectly recreates the classic crunch, ensuring continuous and even training stimulation, improving and strengthening the core, creating a solid foundation for all other exercisesThe ganas machine design allows safe and efficient execution of technical poses and thanks to the CAM provides a natural adaptation of the load. The multi-joint system allows the machine to adapt to all physiological types of the user. Padded shoulder rests and side support handles provide maximum comfort when performing technical gestures.The Abdominal Crunch Machine, also known as the seated abdominal crunch machine, is a piece of fitness equipment specifically designed to exercise abdominal muscles.Abdominal Crunch Machine professional press machine has all the attributes for high-quality training of the abdominal muscles. When it was created, the highest requirements for the ergonomics of the unit were implemented so that the athlete does not experience the slightest discomfort during training!
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