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  • GANAS Super Deltoid Press Machine Popular Gym Plate Loaded Machine KY-PA37
    GANAS Super Deltoid Press Machine Popular Gym Plate Loaded Machine KY-PA37
    The GANAS Deltoid Press is an excellent multi-joint machine that sculpts and strengthens your deltoid muscles. It has a shoulder movement trajectory that conforms to human physiology and is one of the main ways to exercise the pectoralis major muscles.In addition, the Super Deltoid Press also has some special features, such as the height adjustment of the seat and the level adjustment of the back support are equipped with gas assistance, which increases the user's comfort and convenience when training. When you hold the resistance overhead, the weight plate tilts and you're instantly overloaded by 40% during negative pressure. Its two-way handle narrows the grip to a retracted position. The seat is set to the upright position with the main cam intensity curve for proper cam function.In terms of appearance design, the fitness equipment comes with a wide range of color options, allowing users to choose according to their own preferences or the decoration style of the gym. Overall, the GANAS deltoid press machine has become an ideal choice for fitness enthusiasts with its unique design and practical functions.
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